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Bigger is better. (#2687)

* Bigger is better.

Made all request response sizes 10 times bigger.

* The smaller the better.

* Update comment.

* Ah, bigger is still better.

Max PoV size for rococo is around 50Meg, compression ratio is about 3.4.
With 30 Meg we should be fine, even with crypto kitties in the PoV.
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......@@ -91,18 +91,18 @@ impl Protocol {
let cfg = match self {
Protocol::AvailabilityFetching => RequestResponseConfig {
name: p_name,
max_request_size: 1_000,
max_response_size: 100_000,
max_request_size: 10_000,
max_response_size: 10_000_000,
inbound_queue: Some(tx),
Protocol::CollationFetching => RequestResponseConfig {
name: p_name,
max_request_size: 1_000,
max_request_size: 10_000,
/// Collations are expected to be around 10Meg, probably much smaller with
/// compression. So 10Meg should be sufficient, we might be able to reduce this
/// further.
max_response_size: 10_000_000,
/// compression. So 30Meg should be well sufficient, we might be able to reduce
/// this further, if needed.
max_response_size: 30_000_000,
// Taken from initial implementation in collator protocol:
inbound_queue: Some(tx),
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