Unverified Commit 1135430e authored by Tomasz Drwięga's avatar Tomasz Drwięga
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Revert "Work-around missing protocol."

This reverts commit 0a6257a8.
parent 41c34084
......@@ -598,17 +598,6 @@ pub fn new_full<RuntimeApi, Executor>(
#[cfg(feature = "real-overseer")]
config.network.extra_sets.push(sc_network::config::NonDefaultSetConfig {
notifications_protocol: beefy_gadget::BEEFY_PROTOCOL_NAME.into(),
max_notification_size: 1024 * 1024,
set_config: sc_network::config::SetConfig {
in_peers: 25,
out_peers: 25,
reserved_nodes: Vec::new(),
non_reserved_mode: sc_network::config::NonReservedPeerMode::Accept,
// TODO: At the moment, the collator protocol uses notifications protocols to download
// collations. Because of DoS-protection measures, notifications protocols have a very limited
// bandwidth capacity, resulting in the collation download taking a long time.
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