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......@@ -329,7 +329,7 @@ parameter_types! {
pub const SlashDeferDuration: staking::EraIndex = 28;
pub const RewardCurve: &'static PiecewiseLinear<'static> = &REWARD_CURVE;
pub const MaxNominatorRewardedPerValidator: u32 = 64;
// quarter of the last session will be for election.
// last 15 minutes of the last session will be for election.
pub const ElectionLookahead: BlockNumber = EPOCH_DURATION_IN_BLOCKS / 16;
pub const MaxIterations: u32 = 10;
pub MinSolutionScoreBump: Perbill = Perbill::from_rational_approximation(5u32, 10_000);
......@@ -1107,8 +1107,7 @@ construct_runtime! {
ImOnline: im_online::{Module, Call, Storage, Event<T>, ValidateUnsigned, Config<T>},
AuthorityDiscovery: authority_discovery::{Module, Call, Config},
// Governance stuff; uncallable initially. Calls should be uncommented once we're ready to
// enable governance.
// Governance stuff.
Democracy: democracy::{Module, Call, Storage, Config, Event<T>},
Council: collective::<Instance1>::{Module, Call, Storage, Origin<T>, Event<T>, Config<T>},
TechnicalCommittee: collective::<Instance2>::{Module, Call, Storage, Origin<T>, Event<T>, Config<T>},
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