Commit 0628c003 authored by Gav Wood's avatar Gav Wood Committed by asynchronous rob
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Disable CORS validation, improve logging, fix build on nightly. (#129)

* Disable CORS validation, improve logging.

* Fix build from nightly API change.

* Rebuilt binaries
parent 6b03d33a
......@@ -585,7 +585,15 @@ impl<C: PolkadotApi, R: TableRouter> bft::Proposer for Proposer<C, R> {
let polkadot_block = block_builder.bake();
info!("Proposing block [number: {}; extrinsics: [{}], parent_hash: {}]", polkadot_block.header.number, polkadot_block.extrinsics.len(), polkadot_block.header.parent_hash);
info!("Proposing block [number: {}; hash: {}; parent_hash: {}; extrinsics: [{}]]",
.map(|xt| format!("{}", Hash::from(xt.blake2_256())))
.join(", ")
let substrate_block = Slicable::decode(&mut polkadot_block.encode().as_slice())
.expect("polkadot blocks defined to serialize to substrate blocks correctly; qed");
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