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add additional assurances to `create_inherent` (#4349)

* minor: move checks into separate fn

* add additional validity checks

* simplify shuffling

* Closes potential OOB weight

* improve docs

* fooo

* remove obsolete comment

* move filtering into the rollback-transaction

Technically this is not necessary but avoids future footguns.

* move check up and avoid duplicate checks

* refactor: make sure backed candidates are sane, even more

* doc wording
Co-authored-by: default avatarZeke Mostov <z.mostov@gmail.com>

* refactor: avoid const generics for sake of wasm size

`true` -> `FullCheck::Skip`, `false` -> `FullCheck::Yes`.

* chore: unify `CandidateCheckContext` instance names

* refactor: introduce `IndexedRetain` for `Vec<T>`

* chore: make tests prefix free

* doc: re-introduce removed comment

* refactor: remove another const generic to save some wasm size
Co-authored-by: default avatarZeke Mostov <z.mostov@gmail.com>
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