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    XCM Benchmarks for Asset Transactor w/ Fungible Asset (#3818) · f0b2bf3c
    Shawn Tabrizi authored
    * benchmarks for fungibles
    * add benchmark to westend
    * fix hex
    * clean up a bit
    * update code doc
    * fix warnings
    * cargo run --quiet --release --features runtime-benchmarks -- benchmark --chain=westend-dev --pallet=pallet_xcm_benchmarks::fungible --extrinsic=* --steps=10 --repeat=10 --template=./xcm/pallet-xcm-benchmarks/template.hbs --output=./ --execution=wasm --wasm-execution=compiled
    * use skip
    * fix spelling
    * Update Cargo.lock
    * add scale-info
    * Update Cargo.lock
    * update bench
    * cargo run --quiet --release --features=runtime-benchmarks -- benchmark --chain=westend-dev --steps=50 --repeat=20 --pallet=pallet_xcm_benchmarks::fungible --extrinsic=* --execution=wasm --wasm-execution=compiled --heap-pages=4096 --header=./file_header.txt --template=./xcm/pallet-xcm-benchmarks/template.hbs --output=./runtime/westend/src/weights/xcm/pallet_xcm_benchmarks_fungible.rs
    * weights compile
    * update westend to use weights
    * fmt
    * spelling fixes
    * Delete pallet_xcm_benchmarks::fungible.rs
    * Apply suggestions from code review
    Co-authored-by: default avatarKian Paimani <5588131+kianenigma@users.noreply.github.com>
    * fix code review
    * update weight
    * fix report_error
    * fix spell check
    Co-authored-by: default avatarParity Bot <admin@parity.io>
    Co-authored-by: default avatarKian Paimani <5588131+kianenigma@users.noreply.github.com>