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    Upgradeable validation functions (#918) · ed2c4cab
    asynchronous rob authored
    * upgrade primitives to allow changing validation function
    * set up storage schema for old parachains code
    * fix compilation errors
    * fix test compilation
    * add some tests for past code meta
    * most of the runtime logic for code upgrades
    * implement old-code pruning
    * add a couple tests
    * clean up remaining TODOs
    * add a whole bunch of tests for runtime functionality
    * remove unused function
    * fix runtime compilation
    * extract some primitives to parachain crate
    * add validation-code upgrades to validation params and result
    * extend validation params with code upgrade fields
    * provide maximums to validation params
    * port test-parachains
    * add a code-upgrader test-parachain and tests
    * fix collator tests
    * move test-parachains to own folder to work around compilation errors
    * fix test compilation
    * update the Cargo.lock
    * fix parachains tests
    * remove dbg! invocation
    * use new pool in code-upgrader
    * bump lockfile
    * link TODO to issue
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