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    Ensure that table router is always built (#952) · ec11d7e6
    Bastian Köcher authored
    * Ensure that table router is always build
    This pr ensures that the table router is always build, aka the future is
    resolved. This is important, as the table router internally spawns tasks
    to handle gossip messages. Handling gossip messages is not only required
    on parachain validators, but also on relay chain validators to receive collations.
    Tests are added to ensure that the assumptions hold.
    * Fix compilation
    * Switch to closures
    * Remove empty line
    * Revert "Remove empty line"
    This reverts commit a6c19438.
    * Revert "Switch to closures"
    This reverts commit b989c303.
    * Hybrid approach
    * Rename test
    * Make trait crate local