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    More secure `Signed` implementation (#2963) · e9a29ecc
    Robert Klotzner authored
    * Remove signature verification in backing.
    `SignedFullStatement` now signals that the signature has already been
    * Remove unused check_payload function.
    * Introduced unchecked signed variants.
    * Fix inclusion to use unchecked variant.
    * More unchecked variants.
    * Use unchecked variants in protocols.
    * Start fixing statement-distribution.
    * Fixup statement distribution.
    * Fix inclusion.
    * Fix warning.
    * Fix backing properly.
    * Fix bitfield distribution.
    * Make crypto store optional for `RuntimeInfo`.
    * Factor out utility functions.
    * get_group_rotation_info
    * WIP: Collator cleanup + check signatures.
    * Convenience signature checking functions.
    * Check signature on collator-side.
    * Fix warnings.
    * Fix collator side tests.
    * Get rid of warnings.
    * Better Signed/UncheckedSigned implementation.
    Also get rid of Encode/Decode for Signed! *party*
    * Get rid of dead code.
    * Move Signed in its own module.
    * into_checked -> try_into_checked
    * Fix merge.