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    remove connected disconnected state, 3rd attempt (#3898) · e80340c0
    Bernhard Schuster authored
    * overseer: remove mut in connector
    * rename SelectRelayChainWFallback -> SelectRelayChain
    * split Basics
    * introduce the OverseerConnector, use it
    * introduce is_relay_chain to RelayChainSelection
    * chore: rename var
    * avoid dummy import in subsystem
    * actually remove Disconnecte/Connected enum
    * extract DummySubsystem into mod dummy.
    * Handle::Connected -> Handle::new
    * chore: fmt
    * fix test
    * select relay chain takes no arg, simplification
    * fmt
    * Update node/service/src/lib.rs
    Co-authored-by: Andronik Ordian's avatarAndronik Ordian <write@reusable.software>
    * chore: improve malus tests
    * avoid the deferred setting of `is_relay_chain` in `RelayChainSelection`
    * positive assertion is not mandated, only the negative one, to avoid a stall
    * chore: fmt
    * assure the `RelayChainSelection` is not used before the overseer is up and running
    Co-authored-by: Andronik Ordian's avatarAndronik Ordian <write@reusable.software>