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    Convert guide from single markdown file to mdbook (#1247) · e5c7a3e6
    Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus authored
    * move old implementers' guide, add skeleton of new
    * Split the old implementers' guide into the new one's sections
    This is mostly a straightforward copying operation, moving the
    appropriate sections from the old guide to the new. However, there
    are certain differences between the old text and the new:
    - removed horizontal rules between the sections
    - promoted headers appropriately within each section
    - deleted certain sections which were in the old guide's ToC but
      which were not actually present in the old guide.
    - added Peer Set Manager to the new ToC
    * remove description headers
    It is redundant and unnecessary. Descriptions fall directly under the
    top-level header for any given section.
    * add stub description of the backing module
    * add stub description for the availability module
    * add stub description for collators
    * add stub description for validity
    * add stub description for utility
    * highlight TODO and REVIEW comments
    * add guide readme describing how to use mdbook
    * fix markdownlint lints
    * re-title parachains overview
    * internal linking for types
    * module and subsystem internal links
    * .gitignore should have a trailing newline
    * node does not have modules, just subsystems