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    Extra requirements for claimants (#1091) · d8328043
    Gavin Wood authored
    * Introduce mandatory statement signing into claims
    * Introduce SignedExtension
    * Tests passing
    * Bump runtime version
    * Bump version, fix test
    * Test for validate
    * Another couple of tests
    * Enable PrevalidateAttests on Polkadot
    * Enable PrevalidateAttests on Polkadot
    * Fix build
    * Fixes
    * More fixes
    * Fix bench tests
    * Fix & test Preclaim clobbering.
    * Fix for errant claim logic
    * Add test
    * Update tests, always use Vec as input
    * mint_claim can add signature, some_benchmarks
    * Add claim with statement test
    * finish benchmarks
    * put the correct number of claims with benchmarks
    * fix compiler warning
    * Update weights
    * Weight comments for validation
    Co-authored-by: Shawn Tabrizi's avatarShawn Tabrizi <shawntabrizi@gmail.com>
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