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    Candidate Validation Subsystem (#1432) · cdb5c408
    asynchronous rob authored
    * skeleton for candidate-validation
    * add to workspace
    * implement candidate validation logic
    * guide: note occupied-core assumption for candidate validation
    * adjust message doc
    * wire together `run` asynchronously
    * add a Subsystem implementation
    * clean up a couple warnings
    * fix compilation errors due to merge
    * improve candidate-validation.md
    * remove old reference to subsystem-test helpers crate
    * update Cargo.lock
    * add a couple new Runtime API methods
    * add a candidate validation message
    * fetch validation data from the chain state
    * some tests for assumption checking
    * make spawn_validate_exhaustive mockable
    * more tests on the error handling side
    * fix all other grumbles except for wasm validation API change
    * wrap a SpawnNamed in candidate-validation
    * warn
    * amend guide
    * squanch warning
    * remove duplicate after merge