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    Slash Authorities for irrefutable misbehavior (#84) · ca28497c
    asynchronous rob authored
    * double-commit and prepare misbehavior
    * get misbehavior on completion
    * collect misbehavior on drop, not only on success
    * kill unused transaction_index field
    * add primitive misbehavior report type
    * add misbehavior report transaction
    * store prior session
    * fix set_items
    * basic checks for misbehavior reports
    * crate for substrate bft misbehavior checking
    * integrate misbehavior check crate
    * fix comment
    * new wasm binaries
    * fix hash in test
    * import misbehavior transactions into queue
    * fix test build
    * sign on digest and full proposal when proposing
    * detect proposal misbehavior
    * fix fallout
    * restore balance/bondage types