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    Make Polkadot use the Substrate traity libraries (#105) · b3f026f1
    Gav Wood authored and asynchronous rob's avatar asynchronous rob committed
    * Initial stuff.
    * Various fixes.
    * Fix tests.
    * Fix another test
    * Fix another test.
    * Docs in polkadot runtime.
    * Fix up ser/de tests.
    * Update god keys
    * Syntax
    * Fix
    * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into gav-merge-runtime
    * Permissions on init.sh
    * Port-over the whitespace from @rphmeier
    * Rename
    * Merge branch 'master' into gav-merge-runtime
    * Fix typo.
    * Fix grumbles.
    * Make more idiomatic.
    * Move `Ed25519Signature` out of traits.
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