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    Remove service, migrate all to service-new (#1630) · af14ea54
    Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus authored
    * import rococo into chain-spec
    * make a few stabs at moving forward
    * wip: rococo readme
    * remove /service crate
    - Move the chain-spec files to node-service
    - update sufficient cargo files that polkadot-service-new builds
    - not everything else builds yet
    * wip: chase down some build errors in polkadot-cli
    There's a lot more to go, but some progress has happened.
    * make more progress getting polkadot-cli to build
    * don't ignore polkadot.json within the res directory
    * don't recreate pathbufs
    * Prepare Polkadot to be used by Cumulus
    This begins to make Polkadot usable from Cumulus.
    * Remove old test
    * migrate new_chain_ops fix from /service
    * partially remove node/test-service
    * Reset some changes
    * Revert "partially remove node/test-service"
    This reverts commit 7b8f9ba5.
    * WIP: replace v0 ParachainHost impl with v1 for test runtime
    This is necessary because one of the current errors when building
    the test service boils down to:
    the trait bound `polkadot_test_runtime::RuntimeApiImpl<...>`:
      `polkadot_primitives::v1::ParachainHost<...>` is not satisfied
    This is WIP because it appears to be causing some std leakage into
    the wasm environment, or something; the compiler is currently
    complaining about duplicate definitions of `panic_handler` and `oom`.
    Presumably I have to identify all std types (Vec etc) and replace
    them with sp_std equivalents.
    * fix test runtime build
    it wasn't std leakage, after all
    * bump westend spec version
    * use service-new as service within cli
    * to revert: demo that forwarding the test runtime to the real impl blows up
    * Revert "to revert: demo that forwarding the test runtime to the real impl blows up"
    This reverts commit 68d2f385.
    * Revert "Revert "to revert: demo that forwarding the test runtime to the real impl blows up""
    This reverts commit 04cb1cbf.
    Might have just forgotten to disable default features
    * More reverts
    * MOARE
    * plug in the runtime as the generic instantiation
    This feels closer to a solution, but it still has problems: in particular,
    it's assumed that Runtime implements all appropriate Trait traits,
    which this one apparently does not.
    * implement necessary traits to get the test runtime compiling
    This is almost certainly not correct in some way; it really
    looks like I need to mess with the construct_runtime! macro
    somehow, to inject the inclusion trait's event type as a Event
    variant. Still, better lock down this changeset while it all
    * add inclusion::Event as variant into Event enum
    * implement unimplemented bits in kusama
    * implement unimplemented bits in polkadot runtime
    * implement unimplemented bits in westend runtime
    * migrate client upgrades from master
    * update test service with new node changes
    * package metadata--that wasn't intended to be removed
    * add parachains v1 modules to each runtime
    It's not clear what precisely this does, but it's probably the right
    thing to do.
    * enable cli to opt out of full node features
    * adjust rococo chainspec per example
    * try to fix Cargo.lock
    Co-authored-by: Bastian Köcher's avatarBastian Köcher <git@kchr.de>
    Co-authored-by: Andronik Ordian's avatarAndronik Ordian <write@reusable.software>