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    Clean up PersistedValidationData (#2353) · aba42e4a
    Sergey Pepyakin authored
    * PVD: `block_number`->`relay_parent_number`
    * ValidationParams: `relay_chain_height`->`relay_parent_number`
    * Expose DMQ MQC hash as a well-known-key
    This way the relay storage merkle proofs will be able to obtain the DMQ
    MQC hash and we will be able to remove the it from the
    PersistedValidationData struct.
    * PersistedValidationData: Remove HRMP MQC heads
    * PersistedValidationData: Remove `dmq_mqc_head`
    * Expose the HRMP ingress channel index as a well-known-key
    This way a parachain (PVF and collator) can find all the parachains that
    have an outbound channel to the given one. That allows in turn to find
    all the inbound channels for the given para.
    Having access to that allows the parachain to get the same information
    as the hrmp_mqc_heads now provide.
    * Rename `relay_storage_root` to `relay_parent_storage_root`