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    Make work with Substrate master (#36) · a35ddc58
    Gav Wood authored
    * Fix up wasm runtime build
    * Fixes for runtime
    * Fix.
    * More fixes
    * Runtime builds on native.
    * Native and wasm both build without warnings.
    * Fix runtime tests.
    * Merge #20
    * Final fix for native runtime.
    * Compile polkadot wo consensus
    * Reverted changes to polkadot-consensus
    * reintroduce minimal subset of consensus
    * reintroduce checked_block to runtime for std
    * polkadot_consensus compiles without most of the code
    * remove checked_block again and do more checks in parachains for runtime
    * uncomment proposer
    * remove offline tracker
    * extract out parachain-attestation logic from proposal directly
    * reintroduce transaction_pool
    * write some custom aura verification logic for the block verifier
    * use transaction pool in more generic way
    * service compiles again
    * polkadot-network and tests pass
    * remove unused session_key function from router
    * everything but CLI compiles due to service hell
    * Fixes compilation of `polkadot_cli`
    * everything compiles
    * update adder wasm
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