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    Vote out offline authorities (#524) · 988f94fa
    asynchronous rob authored
    * notify when an authority appears to have missed their block
    * Runtime API
    * offline tracker
    * Move to consensus
    * generating reports of offline indices
    * stubbed-out evaluation logic
    * Slashing data pathwat
    * usize -> u32
    * Slash bad validators.
    * update to rhododendron 0.3
    * fix compilation of polkadot-consensus
    * Support offline noting in checked_block
    * include offline reports in block authorship voting
    * do not vote validators offline after some time
    * add test for offline-tracker
    * fix test build
    * bump spec version
    * update wasm
    * Only allow validators that are possible to slash
    * Fix grumble
    * More idiomatic
    * New Wasm.
    * update rhododendron
    * improve logging and reduce round time exponent
    * format offline validators in ss58
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