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    CI: Label PRs with B2-breaksapi if substrate changes are labelled B2-breaksapi (#862) · 853b8d3e
    s3krit authored
    * CI: Split common functions into lib.sh and make...
    ... alert_pending_release.sh check the substrate changes for various
    labels. If labelled, will be included in the changelog, otherwise will
    silently be left out.
    * replace non-standard /bin/bash with /usr/bin/env bash
    * CI: make lib.sh /bin/sh-compatible
    * lib.sh: fix newline chars sometimes breaking has_label()
    * check_runtime.sh: tag change with 'B2-breaksapi'...
    ... if any substrate changes are also labelled 'B2-breaksapi'
    * Remove debug exits and uncomment labelling
    * exit early if we label with breaksapi
    * fix publish_draft_release.sh