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    initial prometheus metrics (#1536) · 804958ab
    Andronik Ordian authored
    * service-new: cosmetic changes
    * overseer: draft of prometheus metrics
    * metrics: update active_leaves metrics
    * metrics: extract into functions
    * metrics: resolve XXX
    * metrics: it's ugly, but it works
    * Bump Substrate
    * metrics: move a bunch of code around
    * Bumb substrate again
    * metrics: fix a warning
    * fix a warning in runtime
    * metrics: statements signed
    * metrics: statements impl RegisterMetrics
    * metrics: refactor Metrics trait
    * metrics: add Metrics assoc type to JobTrait
    * metrics: move Metrics trait to util
    * metrics: fix overseer
    * metrics: fix backing
    * metrics: fix candidate validation
    * metrics: derive Default
    * metrics: docs
    * metrics: add stubs for other subsystems
    * metrics: add more stubs and fix compilation
    * metrics: fix doctest
    * metrics: move to subsystem
    * metrics: fix candidate validation
    * metrics: bitfield signing
    * metrics: av store
    * metrics: chain API
    * metrics: runtime API
    * metrics: stub for avad
    * metrics: candidates seconded
    * metrics: ok I gave up
    * metrics: provisioner
    * metrics: remove a clone by requiring Metrics: Sync
    * metrics: YAGNI
    * metrics: remove another TODO
    * metrics: for later
    * metrics: add parachain_ prefix
    * metrics: s/signed_statement/signed_statements
    * utils: add a comment for job metrics
    * metrics: address review comments
    * metrics: oops
    * metrics: make sure to save files before commit 😅
    * use _total suffix for requests metrics
    Co-authored-by: default avatarMax Inden <mail@max-inden.de>
    * metrics: add tests for overseer
    * update Cargo.lock
    * overseer: add a test for CollationGeneration
    * collation-generation: impl metrics
    * collation-generation: use kebab-case for name
    * collation-generation: add a constructor
    Co-authored-by: default avatarGav Wood <gavin@parity.io>
    Co-authored-by: default avatarAshley Ruglys <ashley.ruglys@gmail.com>
    Co-authored-by: default avatarMax Inden <mail@max-inden.de>