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    Companion PR for Substrate#4394 (#723) · 6c8eb8a2
    Ashley authored
    * service/src/lib.rs: Register network event stream for authority disc
    Previously one would create a sender and receiver channel pair, pass the
    sender to the build_network_future through the service builder and
    funnel network events returned from polling the network service into the
    sender to be consumed by the authority discovery module owning the
    With recent changes it is now possible to register an event_stream
    with the network service directly, thus one does not need to make the
    detour through the build_network_future.
    This commit is an adjusted clone of one targeting the Substrate
    * service/src/lib.rs: Fix futures::stream imports
    * [TMP] *: Replace polkadot-upstream with feature branch
    * Switch branch
    * Small change
    * Companion PR to substrate#4542
    * Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'tomaka/companion-4542' into ashley-browser-utils"
    This reverts commit 17f00afe, reversing
    changes made to 928cbb9c
    * ashley-browser-utils -> ashley-browser-utils-polkadot
    * Switch branches back
    Co-authored-by: default avatarMax Inden <mail@max-inden.de>
    Co-authored-by: Pierre Krieger's avatarPierre Krieger <pierre.krieger1708@gmail.com>
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