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    Approval voting overlay db (#3366) · 69c860d7
    Lldenaurois authored
    * node/approval-voting: Introduce Backend trait and Overlaybackend
    This commit introduces a Backend trait and attempts to move away
    from the Action model via an OverlayBackend as in the ChainSelection
    * node/approval-voting: Add WriteOps for StoredBlockRange and BlocksAtHeight
    * node/approval-voting: Add load_all_blocks to overlay
    * node/approval-voting: Get all module tests to pass.
    This commit modifies all tests to ensure tests are passing.
    * node/approval-voting: Address oversights in the previous commit
    This commit addresses some oversights in the prior commit.
    1. Inner errors in backend.write were swallowed
    2. One-off write functions removed to avoid useless abstraction
    3. Touch-ups in general
    * node/approval-voting: Move from TestDB to dyn KeyValueDB
    This commit removes the TestDB from tests.rs and replaces it with
    an in-memory kvdb.
    * node/approval-voting: Address feedback
    * node/approval-voting: Add license to ops.rs
    * node/approval-voting: Address second-pass feedback
    * Add TODO
    * node/approval-voting: Bump spec_version
    * node/approval-voting: Address final comments.