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    Collator-side of collator protocol (#351) · 5b9b95a8
    asynchronous rob authored
    * skeleton of collators object
    * awaiting and handling collations. rename `collators` to CollationPool
    * add some tests
    * add tests
    * implement Collators trait for ConsensusNetwork
    * plug collators into main polkadot-network
    * ignore collator role message
    * add a couple more tests
    * garbage collection for collations
    * extract session-key tracking from consensus
    * add local_collations.rs
    * finish polish of local_collations
    * integrate local_collations into network layer
    * introduce API for adding local collations
    * mostly finish collator implementation pending service fix
    * Specialized network()
    * push collations to the network
    * grumbles
    * substrate-service has custom configuration
    * initialize network in collator mode as necessary