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    Pallet for Purchase (#1369) · 5b27dd39
    Shawn Tabrizi authored
    * initial mock
    * remove statement
    * Merge branch 'master' into shawntabrizi-crowdsale
    * only work for dead accounts
    * Revert "Merge branch 'master' into shawntabrizi-crowdsale"
    This reverts commit 6f8fde1b
    * update storage name
    * Re-mock
    * Update comment
    * payouts
    * test signature verification
    * Update wording
    * fix tests
    * support both free and locked balance
    * Single statement set in configuration trait
    * Configurable purchase limit, initiated status
    * Account creation tests
    * make note about `max_amount` check
    * Update validity status tests
    * update balance tests
    * payment test
    * finish tests
    * enable in runtime
    * Test and verify ed25519
    * make purchase pallet more configurable on the fly
    * Remove runtime check on purchase amount.
    * clean up trait
    * add basic weights
    * add extra super saftey check for vesting
    * Add vat tracking
    * remove unused const
    * Update to W3F Origins
    * remove stale comment
    * Support existing accounts w/o existing vesting schedule
    * Update runtime/common/src/purchase.rs
    Co-authored-by: default avatarGavin Wood <gavin@parity.io>
    * Add support for partially unlocked portion of purchased DOTs
    * add trait import
    * Expose constants from pallet
    * Fixes
    * Fixes
    * Update runtime/polkadot/src/lib.rs
    Co-authored-by: default avatarGavin Wood <gavin@parity.io>
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