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    validator_discovery: pass PeerSet to the request (#2372) · 57eb9d10
    Andronik Ordian authored
    * validator_discovery: pass PeerSet to the request
    * validator_discovery: track PeerSet of connected peers
    * validator_discovery: fix tests
    * validator_discovery: fix long line
    * some fixes
    * some validator_discovery logs
    * log validator discovery request
    * Also connect to validators on `DistributePoV`.
    * validator_discovery: store the whole state per peer_set
    * bump spec versions in kusama, polkadot and westend
    * Correcting doc.
    * validator_discovery: bump channel capacity
    * pov-distribution: some cleanup
    * this should fix the test, but it does not
    * I just got some brain damage while fixing this
    Why are you even reading this???
    * wrap long line
    * address some review nits
    Co-authored-by: default avatarRobert Klotzner <robert.klotzner@gmx.at>
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