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    Wire up candidate backing, approval-voting to disputes (#3348) · 567cfb99
    asynchronous rob authored
    * add a from_backing_statement to SignedDisputeStatement
    * inform dispute coordinator of all backing statements
    * add dispute coordinator message to backing tests
    * send positive dispute statement with every approval
    * issue disputes when encountering invalid candidates.
    * try to fix flaky test for CI (passed locally)
    * guide: keep track of concluded-positive disputes until pruned
    * guide: block implications
    * guide: new dispute inherent flow
    * mostly implement recency changes for dispute coordinator
    * add a clock to dispute coordinator
    * adjust DB tests
    * fix and add new dispute coordinator tests
    * provisioner: select disputes
    * import all validators' approvals
    * address nit: refactor backing statement submission
    * gracefully handle disconnected dispute coordinator
    * remove `review` comment
    * fix up old_tests
    * fix approval-voting compilation
    * fix backing compilation
    * use known-leaves in WaitForActivation
    * follow-up test fixing
    * add back allow(dead_code)