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    Remove legacy network code (#860) · 532f0e01
    asynchronous rob authored
    * expunge legacy code from polkadot-network
    * mostly rip out old legacy protocol from service
    * ensure validation work is spawned by incoming messages
    * decouple availabliity store from network logic; clean up data flow
    * av_store: test helpers and use futures-abort
    * update polkadot-validation to pass n_validators when submitting chunks
    * fallible erasure-chunk fetching
    * implement `ErasureNetworking` for new network prot
    * API for registering availability store in network
    * fully integrate new network service into service
    * fix validation tests
    * scaffolding for porting collator over to new network
    * track connected validators' peer IDs and distribute collators' collations
    * helper in network for fetching all checked statements
    * fix adder-collator
    * actually register notifications protocol
    * Update service/src/lib.rs
    * merge with master