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    Runtime API for checking validation outputs (#1842) · 4a17a2bc
    Sergey Pepyakin authored
    * annoying whitespaces
    * update guide
    Add `CheckValidationOutputs` runtime api and also change the
    candidate-validation stuff
    * promote ValidationOutputs to global primitives
    i.e. move it from node specific primitives to global v1 primitives. This
    will be needed when we share it later in the runtime inclusion module
    * refactor acceptance checks in the inclusion module
    factor out the common code to share it during the block inclusion and
    for the forthcoming CheckValidationOutputs runtime api.
    Also note that the acceptance criteria was updated to incorporate checks
    that exist now in candidate-validation
    * plumb the runtime api outside
    * extract validation_data from ValidationOutputs
    * use runtime-api to check validation outputs
    apart from that refactor, update docs and tidy a bit
    * Update the maxium code size
    This is to fix a test that performs an upgrade.