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    Collator for the "adder" (formerly basic-add) parachain and various small fixes (#438) · 4711e1e0
    asynchronous rob authored
    * update basic_add wasm
    * wasm feature and collator feature
    * move test parachains around a little
    * fix wasm build for basic_add
    * move basic_add to adder, introduce README
    * minimal basic_add collator
    * ensure collator messages are sent in the right order
    * more logging
    * route consensus statements to all peers
    * minor bugfixes for parachains
    * genesis builder accounts for parachain heads
    * fix parachains tests
    * targets for txpool
    * tweak runtime + collator
    * fix version in adder-collator
    * consistency for overflowing
    * adjust comment
    * fix stable test run
    * remove dummy registration test
    * final grumbles