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    Additional runtime tests for the test-runtime (#69) · 3d30b128
    Gav Wood authored and asynchronous rob's avatar asynchronous rob committed
    * Remove rustc dependency from ed25519 and refactor a little.
    * Runtime support provides more extensive test-key functionality.
    * Additional APIs for ed25519 stuff.
    * Extensive test for test-runtime.
    * Fixes for the new test key API.
    * Additional convenience for tests
    * Take advantage of more convenient API.
    * Redo formating.
    * Remove old test identities.
    * Remove boilerplate, add test.
    * Refactor out unneeded code.
    * Clean up algo for determining authorities.
    * Remove unneeded API.
    * Make `to_*` consume
    * Only export keyring when testing
    * Fix build & warning
    * Extract Keyring into separate library.
    * Add tests for Keyring and a trait-based API.
    * Address grumbles.