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    Simnet triggers and images (#2714) · 2daf65c7
    Denis_P authored
    * CI: new image for simnet
    * CI: chore
    * CI: separate image for collator
    * dockerfile: it's bad upgrading in the images
    * CI: correct links to Dockerfiles
    * CI: right dotenv usage
    * CI: workaround GitLab's bug that failed trigger status is not reported and 'job runs forever'
    * CI: debug: need instead of rules to avoid the bug
    * dockerfile: fix storage
    * CI: workaround sending the status when the trigger is failed
    * CI: fix needed job
    * CI: edit comments
    * CI: trigger simnet with API
    * CI: triggering script
    * CI: remove real-overseer
    * CI: trigger real simnet
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