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    Authorship works again (#50) · 13b58b13
    asynchronous rob authored
    * provide through inherent-data when authoring
    * remove unneeded codec round-trip in proposer
    * refactor polkadot-consensus service architecture
    * integrate block authorship into polkadot service
    * remove unused extern substrate-network crate in service
    * write wrapper for unifying errors in consensus proposer
    * extend wrapper further
    * switch temporarily to macro-changing branch
    * runtime compiles
    * implement `inherent_extrinsics` for runtime
    * block authorship works
    * add GRANDPA to polkadot runtime
    * get everything compiling
    * use substrate master branch again
    * remove some unneeded params
    * update WASM
    * parse only extrinsics when pruning availability store
    * update recent deps
    * runtime almost compiles
    * need to expose trait type in build : I had to put phantomdata manually.
    * finish updating authorship to latest GRANDPA and Aura
    * fix tests
    * update wasm