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    misbehavior: report multiple offenses per validator as necessary (#2222) · 25694f6f
    Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus authored
    * use proper descriptive generic type names
    * cleanup
    * Table stores a list of detected misbehavior per authority
    * add Table::drain_misbehaviors_for
    * WIP: unify misbehavior types; report multiple misbehaviors per validator
    Code checks, but tests don't yet pass.
    * update drain_misbehaviors: return authority id as well as specific misbehavior
    * enable unchecked construction of Signed structs in tests
    * remove test-features feature & unnecessary generic
    * fix backing tests
    This took a while to figure out, because where we'd previously been
    passing around `SignedFullStatement`s, we now needed to construct
    those on the fly within the test, to take advantage of the signature-
    checking in the constructor. That, in turn, necessitated changing the
    iterable type of `drain_misbehaviors` to return the validator index,
    and passing that validator index along within the misbehavior report.
    Once that was sorted, however, it became relatively straightforward:
    just needed to add appropriate methods to deconstruct the misbehavior
    reports, and then we could construct the signed statements directly.
    * fix bad merge