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    Network bridge refactoring impl (#1537) · 1e9c0540
    asynchronous rob authored
    * update networking types
    * port over overseer-protocol message types
    * Add the collation protocol to network bridge
    * message sending
    * stub for ConnectToValidators
    * add some helper traits and methods to protocol types
    * add collator protocol message
    * leaves-updating
    * peer connection and disconnection
    * add utilities for dispatching multiple events
    * implement message handling
    * add an observedrole enum with equality and no sentry nodes
    * derive partial-eq on network bridge event
    * add PartialEq impls for network message types
    * add Into implementation for observedrole
    * port over existing network bridge tests
    * add some more tests
    * port bitfield distribution
    * port over bitfield distribution tests
    * add codec indices
    * port PoV distribution
    * port over PoV distribution tests
    * port over statement distribution
    * port over statement distribution tests
    * update overseer and service-new
    * address review comments
    * port availability distribution
    * port over availability distribution tests
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