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    Remove request multiplexer (#3624) · 117466aa
    Robert Klotzner authored
    * WIP: Get rid of request multiplexer.
    * WIP
    * Receiver for handling of incoming requests.
    * Get rid of useless `Fault` abstraction.
    The things the type system let us do are not worth getting abstracted in
    its own type. Instead error handling is going to be merely a pattern.
    * Make most things compile again.
    * Port availability distribution away from request multiplexer.
    * Formatting.
    * Port dispute distribution over.
    * Fixup statement distribution.
    * Handle request directly in collator protocol.
    + Only allow fatal errors at top level.
    * Use direct request channel for availability recovery.
    * Finally get rid of request multiplexer
    Fixes #2842 and paves the way for more back pressure possibilities.
    * Fix overseer and statement distribution tests.
    * Fix collator protocol and network bridge tests.
    * Fix tests in availability recovery.
    * Fix availability distribution tests.
    * Fix dispute distribution tests.
    * Add missing dependency
    * Typos.
    * Review remarks.
    * More remarks.