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    rewrite network code to use notifications_protocol APIs from Substrate (#788) · 07426539
    asynchronous rob authored
    * extract all network code to legacy submodule
    * update references to legacy proto
    * skeleton of futures-based protocol
    * refactor skeleton to use background task
    * rename communication_for to build_table_router
    * implement internal message types for validation network
    * basic ParachainNetwork and TableRouter implementations
    * add some module docs
    * remove exit-future from validation
    * hack: adapt legacy protocol to lack of exit-future
    * generalize RegisteredMessageValidator somewhat
    * instantiate and teardown table routers
    * clean up RouterInner drop logic
    * implement most of the statement import loop
    * implement statement loop in async/await
    * remove unneeded TODO
    * most of the collation skeleton
    * send session keys and validator roles
    * also send role after status
    * use config in startup
    * point TODO to issue
    * fix test compilation