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      feat: use uniffi to bridge UI and backend (#999) · 682fcc77
      Fedor Sakharov authored
      * uniffi: initial commit
      * do not change code and provide the ffi bridge types
      * move all android ffi logic into uniffi
      * Add uniffi to CI
      * Adds more uniffi to CI
      * slice navigation perform into smaller functions
      * unify types in ffi and other code
      * remove custom event type
      * proper uniffi package name
      * more changes to rust types
      * ffi types aligned with swift code
      * modal types
      * type moves in kotlin
      * typed transaction parsing
      * wire things together with tx and logs
      * make rust log work in android studio
      * logging and derivationcheck
      * fix derived key cards
      * typed db_handling tests
      * rewrite transaction parsing tests
      * purge jsons from transaction tests
      * refactor: android: make actionResult proper livedata object and straighten screen-moda-alert selector
      * another testing checkpoint
      * more typesafety
      * partially merge #986
      * optional alerts and modaldata
      * more partially merge #986
      * continue flow test rewrite
      * Finish the navigator test
      * Fix clippy
      * raw data png
      * return decoded transactions in logdetails
      * fix the tests
      * android: metadata and transactions
      * android: Fix warnings and do not reverse history list
      * fix: more merging of truth source unification
      * Alerts and finish single source
      * clippy tests and unfallible hardware error
      * networks
      * More info in history log
      * rename mmmanagenetworks
      * remove more json stuff and improve docs
      * remove obsolete export module
      * more fixes docs and dead code removal
      * deadcode removal and todo fixes
      * refactor mkeydetails
      * squash two address types into one
      * more address type unification
      * some more todo fixes and type squashing
      * fix sufficientcryptoready
      * clippy
      * remove active shield
      * get_danger_status
      * docs: revert group description assigned to single entity
      * dejson error strings
      * h256 and nits
      * nits in interface_signer
      * docs: transactionAction enum
      * docs: remove json mention
      * docs: correct update_seed_name description
      * android: more single source of truth unification
      * fix: android: make network detector work
      * build: make uniffi buildable for ios (#1001)
      * build: make uniffi buildable for ios
      * chore: gitignore generated files
      * build: add build.sh corrections
      * build: more build.sh corrections
      * build: ios build script path
      * ci: uniffi for ios test
      * ci: uniffi for ios build action
      * fix: ios: replace some native types with uniffi
      * fix: ios: more uniffi compliance
      * fix: ios: more compliance with uniffi
      * fix: ios: builds successfully with uniffi
      * fix: ios: actionResult cleanup
      * fix: ios: identicon as array
      * fix: ios: make buildable again
      * chore: gitignore
      * fix: ios: restore history cards
      * fix: ios: metadatamodal temp fix
      * fix: ios: rename managemetadata modal type
      * fix: ios: restore more screens
      * fix: ios: start moving alerts to rust
      * fix: ios: hex hashes representation and sufficient crypto modal
      * fix: ios: some alert fixes
      * fix: ios: seed recovery field spaces
      * fix: ios: network specs rendering
      * fix: ios: backupmodal
      * fix: ios: use alert state from backend
      * fix: ios: show none general verifier
      * fix: android: show message signing log record data
      * build: android: lock cargo on build
      * android: remove debug logging
      * android: fix merging
      * fix: android: network detector on start
      * revert: Remove base64 screening (#1052)
      * fix: backend: harden seeds list type FFI
      * revert: android: remove base64 screening
      * revert: ios: remove base64 screening
      * chore: fmt
      * chore: cargo.lock
      * fix: android: backup seed network detector misfire
      * fix: android: restore seedphrase entry field behavior
      * fix: native: finer restore seedphrase entry field behavior
      * chore: android: lint
      * fix: android: cards for signsufficientcrypto keys
      * fix: android: remove scary alert on auth on backup
      * refactor: android: move data model completely out of screens
      * chore: remove gitignored hot database
      * fix: ios: identicon for certificate in preview
      * fix the version of uniffi build
      * Fix TODOs in flow test
      * chore: android: lint
      * fix: ios: none tx card
      * fix: android: none card
      * Fix more TODOs in flow test
      * fix derivation collisions
      * do not install uniffi in ci
      * Revert "do not install uniffi in ci"
      This reverts commit 92fbe276
      * Update readme.md
      * more readme.md updates
      * remove dead test all cards code
      * docs: expand build instructions to cover iOS
      * Show Multisigner correctly
      * no json in checksum
      * fix: ios: verifier log representations
      * fix: backend: derivation check allows simple seed key creation
      * fix: android: verifier log representations
      * fix: derivation check always present
      * android: network verifier in history details
      * clippy
      * fix: flow test
      * fix: ignore flaky mass fetch test
      * style: android: verifier representation
      * style: ios: verifier representation
      * fix: android: show collision card
      * fix: ios: show collision card on password collision
      * fix: android: show collision card on password collision
      * fix: ios: reflect non-changing string in seed phrase recovery
      Co-authored-by: Slesarew's avatarSlesarev <slesarew@gmail.com>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarSlesarew <33295157+Slesarew@users.noreply.github.com>
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      chore: westend9230 · 17a69c93
      Vera Abramova authored
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      docs: db_handling (#1003) · e0a04d59
      varovainen authored
      * docs: constants crate; removed cold default db with identities
      * docs: db_transactions in db_handling, in progress; added Debug in history structs
      * fix: add correct history event when types are removed bc of hold; docs: more db_handling
      * fix: additional transaction tree clean in stub and derivations procedures; docs: db_transactions complete
      * docs: db_handling helpers
      * docs: identities in db_handling, partially
      * fix: check for key collision in batch, more identities docs
      * docs: identities, continued
      * docs: identities completed; test: events are checked in definitions exhaustively
      * feat: check db for corruption on metadata removal; docs: more db_handling
      * refactor: moved helpers to one mod, docs: mode db_handling
      * docs: more db_handling
      * docs: db_handling done-ish
      * chore: forgot fmt
      Co-authored-by: default avatarSlesarew <33295157+Slesarew@users.noreply.github.com>
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      refactor: code cleanup, docs, bumping dependencies (#962) · 3c5f11c6
      varovainen authored
      * feat: backend: seed recovery logic moved to rust
      * feat: android: screens (ports new app structure to android) (#911)
      * feat: android: partially NewSeedBackup screen
      * feat: android: create random seed
      * feat: android: partially recover seed and fix seed selection
      * feat: android: restore seed
      * feat: android: basic transaction signing
      * feat: android: author and network in tx preview
      * chore: android: upgrade gradle
      * feat: android: derive key (no pw)
      * feat: android: new kay confirm password
      * feat: android: network selector
      * feat: android: export key
      * fix: android: parse all tx card sets
      * feat: android: log menu with checksum
      * feat: android: lock app on failed auth, offer to unlock
      * style: android: bigbutton shading
      * style: android: settings card
      * feat: android: remove seed
      * feat: android: backup screen
      * feat: android: verifier screen
      * fix: android: pass error message to alert
      * feat: android: all remaining screens mwp
      * feat: android: nits in settings screen
      * feat: android: mwp all screens
      * feat: android: add multiexport and address import screens
      * feat: android: landing screen
      * style: android: landing screen
      * feat: android: warn user to turn on airplane mode on first launch
      * style: android: color dark-light theming
      * fix: android: nasty lazy list non-recomposing fix
      * style: android: fonts and network card
      * style: android: prettier seed recover screen
      * style: android: paint the shield
      * style: android: paint the shield less annoyingly
      * style: android: big button
      * style: android: text entry fields
      * feat: wipe on onboard to kill old db (probably useless on android but implementations?)
      * style: android: nits
      * style: android: footer
      * style: android: settings verifier card
      * feat: android: backup self-destruct and styles
      * style: modal backdrop look
      * fix: android: cleaner log lazy column addressing
      * feat: android: nicer frame counter
      * chore: update gradle
      * style: android: unified alert style
      * style: android: history cards
      * style: sndroid: extended cards stub
      * style: android: all TX cards
      * build: os-specific Cargo.lock
      * fix: wrong cargo file
      * fix: build script typos
      * revert: return lost Cargo file
      * fix: android: unified json pubkey identifiers
      * fix: more reasonable auth request message
      * fix: android: lint
      * chore: lint and updates
      * feat: android: key swipe and multiselect
      * feat: android: unlock for wipe
      * feat: android: put signature on rails
      * feat: android: handle hardware back button
      * fix: android: prevent multiselect bottom bar hiding
      * fix: android: sort keys by path
      * refactor: lint
      * ci: rust test for both platforms
      * chore: bump version number
      * fix: android: close network selector on click outside
      * fix: android: screen-wide scroll surface in backup
      * fix: android: small fixes in network details screen
      * fix: android: forbid blank seedname
      * fix: android: base64 screen user comment
      * style: android: align seed name entry on top
      * ci: rename test stage in rust-test.yml
      Co-authored-by: default avatarDenis Pisarev <17856421+TriplEight@users.noreply.github.com>
      * ci: parallel rust tests
      * feat: android: request camera permission
      * style: android: align seedphrase left
      * style: android: enable airplane mode message alignment
      * fix: android: messy airplane mode detection with onboarding
      * style: android: status bar color
      * style: android: docs and landing
      * style: android: key manager screen nits
      * style: copy seedmanager element into seedselector (temporarily)
      * style: android: setting screen nits
      * feat: android: done button on signature screen
      * style: spacers for checkboxes
      * fix: android: seed name in transaction author card
      * style: android: use crypto font in seed name entry
      * style: android: crypto font on derivation screen
      * fix: android: gracefully disable seed key
      * style: android: larger network selector
      * style: android: padding for export key qr
      * style: key manager nits
      * style: android: remove left blank space in text entry field
      * fix: android: enable buttons under signature
      * style: android: show seed name on key derive
      * feat: android: close key menu on tap outside
      * style: android: text input padding
      * style: paddings under text enrties
      * feat: android: sort backup screen
      * fix: android: properly decode comment
      * test: ignore os message content (#930)
      * test: ignore os message content
      * test: ignore os message content, this time in all instances
      * feat: android: fallback to biometric if strongbox is unavailable
      * style: android: keymanager icons
      * fix: android: strongbox detection fix
      * fix: android: update seed phrase validity on button push
      * refactor: android lint
      * style: android: top bar look
      * style: android: multiselect select all button position
      * style: android: input fields
      * style: android: remove background in passive settings buttons
      * fix: android: disable multiselect actions when nothing is selected
      * style: android: multiselect key card look
      * style: android: pubkey font for seed
      Co-authored-by: default avatarDenis Pisarev <17856421+TriplEight@users.noreply.github.com>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarvarovainen <99664267+varovainen@users.noreply.github.com>
      * fix: android: forbid duplicate names (#934)
      * refactor: in progress
      * refactor: clippy, partially
      * refactor: more clippy
      * refactor: more clippy, cleanup in data references
      * refactor: more slices instead of vecs, tests png data moved to constants
      * refactor: completed moving identicons, tests are back
      * chore: dependencies bump, refactor: history order moved into keyring where it belongs
      * fix: port needed for new jsonrpsee
      * refactor: separate active and signer as features
      * refactor: completed active and signer separation
      * refactor: unwasm is back, switched to sc dependencies
      * docs: docs for definitions crate
      * fix: json fixes from collision detector branch
      * docs: more docs in definitions; also, changed cargo deps to git links for volatile crates
      * feat: comman to make default files
      * fix: adds port to address only if port is not specified
      * fix: correct regex in port addition, tests
      * docs: explaining verifiers
      * docs: verifiers system described; tests: added corresponding tests to make sure docs are following what actually happens
      * docs: specs and metadata docs
      * docs: more about metadata
      * fix: MetaSetElement has checked content, fields must be private
      * docs: more metadata and keyring
      * docs: keyring comments done, moved print_multisigner_as_base58 into helpers where it belongs
      * fix: temporary fix in mass fetch
      * docs: crypto, history and danger status in definitions, few small renames for clarity
      * docs: errors
      * docs: signer errors, incomplete; merged from master approved error texts
      * docs: error in Signer, continued
      * fix: checks that all bytes are used in the message parsing
      * fix: check complete decoding in extensions V12 and V13, docs: completed signer errors doc, removed few obsolete errors
      * tests: error testing, check what is printed by all possible error variants, in progress
      * tests: all errors are printed in tests
      * docs: errors active side, in progress
      * docs: active side errors, continued
      * docs: more active side errors
      * chore: merge android code
      * docs: definitions complete
      * chore: bumped parity-scale-codec and plot-icon
      * fix: merge errors
      * test: disable all test-fetches but 3 base networks
      * chore: bump android cargo lock
      * chore: rustfmt
      * docs: correction
      * docs: docs for defaults, more concise naming
      * docs: more comments in defaults, started db_handling; chore: new meta in release set
      * chore: remove extra old metadata
      * fix: errors in merging
      * fix: few missed fmt-clippy things
      * revert: fix merging issue
      * refactor: fmt
      * refactor: replaced image strings with include_bytes and external files
      * lint: more readable features in cargo.toml
      * chore: update cargo.lock
      Co-authored-by: default avatarSlesarew <33295157+Slesarew@users.noreply.github.com>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarDenis Pisarev <17856421+TriplEight@users.noreply.github.com>
      Co-authored-by: Slesarew's avatarSlesarev <slesarew@gmail.com>
      Co-authored-by: Fedor Sakharov's avatarFedor Sakharov <fedor.sakharov@gmail.com>
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