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......@@ -78,30 +78,23 @@ Parity Signer Mobile App is built to be used offline. The mobile device used to
### Create new account
### Quickly test
seed: `this is sparta`
- Recover a Kovan account
- Use the seed: `this is sparta` you'll get the account address: `006E27B6A72E1f34C626762F3C4761547Aff1421`
- Chose a pin code
- Scan this QR code to sign a transaction sending some Kovan Eth to the same account.
address: `006E27B6A72E1f34C626762F3C4761547Aff1421`
![qr code parity signer](docs/tx_qr.png)
#### Scan qr code
Corresponding data:
"action": "signTransaction",
"data": {
"account": "006e27b6a72e1f34c626762f3c4761547aff1421",
"rlp": "ea1584ee6b280082520894006e27b6a72e1f34c626762f3c4761547aff1421872386f26fc10000802a8080"
[tx_qr]: ./docs/tx_qr.png
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