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Substrate accounts management (#293)

* chore: Squashed old branch

* feat: expose blake2s hash function

* fix(): network selection

* fix(): backward compatible

* fix(): Mock for a sparta account, add prefixes for substrate

* fix(): address map for substrate accounts

* fix: Duplicate function names in iOS

* feat: Expose `substrateAddress` in native.js

* fix: use genesisHash and Address

* fix: new account creation with mock

* fix: advanced derived path field for new account

* fix: use react hooks in AccountIcon

* fix: fix address and nits

* fix: fix genesis in QR

* fix: genesisHash as string

* fix: use real accounts and mnemonic

* fix: unneeded hexToAscii

* feat: sr25519 signing

* fix: put current account in the state

* feat: Complete SURI derivation

* fix: use genesisHash

* fix: use substrateAddress

* fix: recover

* fix: recover derivation

* fix: refactor advanced (derivation path) field

* fix: derivation path validity + refactor

* fix: display derivation path and link to check pasword

* fix: derivation for new accounts

* fix: verify derivation pw

* fix: lock when saving accounts

* fix: lock when unmounting backup view

* fix: name wasn't save properly in securestore

* fix: comment out Polkadot and add testnet

* fix: bug ethereum new account and duplicated functions

* fix: stray comment

* fix: derive path

* fix: seed validation
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