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feat: add passworded identity (#565)

* fix: upgrade react navigation v5

* update project settings in ios

* improve navigation by upgrading to react navigation v5

* make compiler happy

* unlink react-native-secure-storage

* make detox and react-navigation happy again

* make e2e test happy

* use safe area context app wide

* delete stray comment

* fix screen heading styles

* fix pin backup navigation

* revert change to rust target

* fix ui overlap on android

* remove bounce in ios scroll view

* lint fix

* feat: enable passworded identity

* use keyboard scroll view

* complete password generation

* update react-native-camera and related polkadot api packages

* add registry store and use type override

* reduce android bundle size

* update yarn.lock

* update metadata

* prettier happy

* update polkadot api

* add password in pinInputt

* remove password from identity

* add password in path derivation

* remove log

* complete password support

* make compiler happy

* refactor account store error handling

* remove password check when signing

* add lock icon for passworded account

* add hint also on path

* add extra hint text

* fix autofocus and remove useRef

* add e2e test suit for passworded account

* make lint happy

* add path error indicator
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