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Polkadot identicons (#301)

* fix(): init with PolaIcon file, types, add ui-shared and react-native-svg

* fix(): add @polkadot/util-crypto

* fix(): add react-native-crypto with override and node-libs-react-native

* fix(): add import 'crypto' in Apps.js

* fix(): add stream-browserify and overrides

* fix(): ideenticon visible

* fix(): pull in @polkadot/reactnative-identicon

* fix(): remove test files

* fix: update jest config to solve building problem on iOS

* fix(): revert https://github.com/paritytech/parity-signer/pull/300

* fix: update npm script for android dev startup

* fix: remove nodefy and cleanup deps

* fix: re-enable screenshot for debug

* fix: typo

* fix: remove punny dep

* fix: remove polkadot/ui-shared

* fix: remove timers-browsify

* fix: remove string_decoder

* fix: remove buffer

* fix: remove hoist-non-react-statics

* fix: revert hoist-non-react-statics removal

* fix: add peer deps @plugnet/util @polkadot/keyring

* fix: upgrade vm-browserify @polkadot/reactnative-identicon

* fix: upgrade react-native bignumber reactotron

* fix: remove unused react-native-simple-picker

* fix: move reactotron to dev-deps

* fix: remove report

* fix: removed types.js

* fix: remove unneeded Buffer and crypto import in shim.js

* fix: rename shim and remove yarn dep

* fix: rename to shim.js
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