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fix: #426 (Payload Details When Signing Hash), #427 (Multipart Missed Frames) (#428)

* fix: show prehash image along with hash

* fix: lint

* fix: display missed frames by index

* fix: remove from missed frames list once scanned

* fix: edge case for multiple  loops

* fix: multiple loops

* fix: off by one error

* fix: asyn cscanner state clear

* chore: bump @polkadot-js deps

* fix: make tests pass

* fix: qrcodehash

* fix: blake2s -> blake2b

* fix: signing hash

* fix: hash the correct thing ffs

* fix: stray print

* fix: show payload details along with hash

* fix: stray logs

* fix: minor grumble

* make android able to sign single part

* fix: ethereum sign msg

* fix: ethereum sign msg

* fix: undeifned

* fix: prehash optional
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