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    Refactoring bindings (#234) · eb55ff68
    Maciej Hirsz authored
    * chore: Refactoring bindings
    * fix: Rust errors for iOS builds
    * chore: Cleanup
    * feat: QR codes generated in Rust :)
    * chore: Make FFI between iOS and Android equivalent
    * feat: Error handling in iOS
    * feat: Add bip39 boolean when recovering from a phrase
    * fix(): valid if bip39 and show seed type
    * fix(): phrasing
    * question mark
    * remove "seed"
    * remove quotes
    * chore: Restore EthkeyBridge changes
    * chore: Remove added code to String.swift
    * fix: Update blockies, fix tests
    * chore: Handle rust errors for blockies
    * chore: use c_uint, update deps
    * fix: Attempt to fix the error on randomPhrase in iOS
    * fix: Hopefully fix the String allocation issues
    * fix: Expose EthkeyBridge.qrCode to the iOS build
    * fix: Propagate errors properly