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# Lists some code owners.
# A codeowner just oversees some part of the codebase. If an owned file is changed then the
# corresponding codeowner receives a review request. An approval of the codeowner might be
# required for merging a PR (depends on repository settings).
# For details about syntax, see:
# https://help.github.com/en/articles/about-code-owners
# But here are some important notes:
# - Glob syntax is git-like, e.g. `/core` means the core directory in the root, unlike `core`
# which can be everywhere.
# - Multiple owners are supported.
# - Either handle (e.g, @github_user or @github_org/team) or email can be used. Keep in mind,
# that handles might work better because they are more recognizable on GitHub,
# you can use them for mentioning unlike an email.
# - The latest matching rule, if multiple, takes precedence.
# Global codeowners
* @AndreiEres
# CI
/.github/ @paritytech/ci @AndreiEres
/.gitlab-ci.yml @paritytech/ci @AndreiEres
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