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    Phase 1 of repo reorg (#719) · 56c624b7
    Gav Wood authored and Arkadiy Paronyan's avatar Arkadiy Paronyan committed
    * Remove unneeded script
    * Rename Substrate Demo -> Substrate
    * Rename demo -> node
    * Build wasm from last rename.
    * Merge ed25519 into substrate-primitives
    * Minor tweak
    * Rename substrate -> core
    * Move substrate-runtime-support to core/runtime/support
    * Rename/move substrate-runtime-version
    * Move codec up a level
    * Rename substrate-codec -> parity-codec
    * Move environmental up a level
    * Move pwasm-* up to top, ready for removal
    * Remove requirement of s-r-support from s-r-primitives
    * Move core/runtime/primitives into core/runtime-primitives
    * Remove s-r-support dep from s-r-version
    * Remove dep of s-r-support from bft
    * Remove dep of s-r-support from node/consensus
    * Sever all other core deps from s-r-support
    * Forgot the no_std directive
    * Rename non-SRML modules to sr-* to avoid match clashes
    * Move runtime/* to srml/*
    * Rename substrate-runtime-* -> srml-*
    * Move srml to top-level
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