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some nit fixes

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......@@ -26,25 +26,20 @@ jobs:
- name: Rust Cache
uses: Swatinem/rust-cache@v2.0.0
- name: Show current working dir
id: step_one
run: |
echo $(pwd)
- name: Copy bench results
id: step_two
id: step_one
run: |
cp bench/$(date "+%d-%m-%Y")/output.txt output.txt
- name: Show current workdir
id: step_three
- name: Switch branch
id: step_two
run: |
git checkout master
- name: Store benchmark result
uses: rhysd/github-action-benchmark@v1
tool: 'cargo'
tool: "cargo"
output-file-path: "output.txt"
benchmark-data-dir-path: "bench/dev2"
fail-on-alert: true
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