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make clippy happy

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......@@ -585,9 +585,6 @@ pub struct TowerService<L> {
impl<L: Logger> hyper::service::Service<hyper::Request<hyper::Body>> for TowerService<L> {
type Response = hyper::Response<hyper::Body>;
// NOTE(lexnv): The `handle_request` method returns `Result<_, Infallible>`.
// This is because the RPC service will always return a valid HTTP response (ie return `Ok(_)`).
// The following associated type is required by the `impl<B, U, L: Logger> Server<B, L>` bounds.
// It satisfies the server's bounds when the `tower::ServiceBuilder<B>` is not set (ie `B: Identity`).
type Error = Box<dyn StdError + Send + Sync + 'static>;
......@@ -604,7 +601,7 @@ impl<L: Logger> hyper::service::Service<hyper::Request<hyper::Body>> for TowerSe
// Note that `handle_request` will never return error.
// The dummy error is set in place to satisfy the server's trait bounds regarding the
// `tower::ServiceBuilder` and the error will never be mapped.
Box::pin(data.handle_request(request).map(|res| Ok(res)))
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