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    [proc macros] force proc macro api to return `Result` (#435) · 09abbaaa
    Niklas Adolfsson authored
    * rewrite me
    * require proc macro API to return result
    * send unknown message when error is not CallError
    * show example that auto cast StdError doesn't work
    * register_*_method Into<Error>
    * clippy
    * replace generic errors with anyhow::Error
    * fix nits
    * example that anyhow::Error in register_method works
    * CallError: add missing From impl
    * [types]: add helper methods for Error types
    The rationale is to make it possible for users to either use anyhow::Error or use the helper methods.
    * fmt
    * Revert "register_*_method Into<Error>"
    This reverts commit 33b4fa28730b72647ba150659d3c0ab1937e524a.
    * add better comment
    * fix nit