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      Update the release checklist (#1366) · f508fc46
      Hernando Castano authored
      * Update the release checklist
      This simplies the release checklist a bit by using both `cargo-unleash`
      and `cargo-release`. `cargo-release` has been way more reliable for
      publishing the ink! workspace than `cargo-unleash`, but we still use
      `cargo-unleash` to clean up our `dev-dependencies`.
      In the future it would be cool to automate more of the release process,
      such as tag creation and publishing, through `cargo-release`.
      * Remove steps related to `dev-dependencies`
      With #1367 these shouldn't be required anymore.
      * Add missing punctuation
      Co-authored-by: Michael Müller's avatarMichael Müller <mich@elmueller.net>
      Co-authored-by: Michael Müller's avatarMichael Müller <mich@elmueller.net>
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      Rename `RELEASE.md` to `CHANGELOG.md` (#1362) · 23f42d92
      Hernando Castano authored
      * Rename `RELEASES` to `CHANGELOG`
      We're following the [Keep a Changelog](https://keepachangelog.com/en/1.0.0/)
      conventions anyways, so the name makes more sense.
      * Reduce header sizes by one level
    • Hernando Castano's avatar
      Add `version` field to ink! metadata (#1313) · ec96f3e3
      Hernando Castano authored
      * Add `version` field to `InkProject`
      * Use `InkProject` directly in metadata codegen
      * Remove old metadata versions from version enum
      These versions can't be constructed using this version of the crate
      anyways, so it doesn't really make sense to keep them.
      * Manually implement `Default`
      We should change to using the derive macros once
      our CI's nightly compiler version gets updated.
      * Add metadata `V4` version option
      * Use my branch of `cargo-contract` in CI
      * Remove deprecated `V3` metadata
      We're never able to construct this variant with this
      crate anymore, so it doesn't make sense to keep it.
    • Sergejs Kostjucenko's avatar
      Pin Github Actions Versions (#1359) · b2d13737
      Sergejs Kostjucenko authored
      * pin gha versions
      * pin gha version
      * fix hash
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    • Hernando Castano's avatar
      Fix CI for nightly-2022-07-23 (#1339) · 268e80a9
      Hernando Castano authored
      * Update UI tests
      * Apease Clippy
    • Hernando Castano's avatar
      Fix overflow when creating `Layout` in bump allocator tests (#1336) · cf4379f8
      Hernando Castano authored
      * Use failing values from fuzzer in test
      * Check for `isize` overflows instead of `usize` overflows
      This is what the `Layout::from_size_align()` method is expecting.
      * Explicitly handle case where we crate an invalid `Layout`
      Instead of manually doing the check ourselves we'll let `Layout`'s
      API tell us if something is invalid.
      * Change a few other tests to only use valid `Layout`s
      * Remove test which checks for overflow in single allocation
      Now that I know that `Layout`'s can only be crated with `size`es of
      `isize::MAX` instead of `usize::MAX` I realized this test doesn't make
      sense. We will never be able to create a single allocation which can
      overflow our heap (which is of size `usize::MAX`).
      During this I also realized that because of the `Layout` requirements
      this test was never actually fed any valid inputs (all inputs that got
      through the first check were greater than `isize::MAX`, which then
      stopped a `Layout` from being created).
      * Switch from `usize` to `isize` in one of the tests
      * Change one other test to also use `isize`
      * Put back original test configuration check
      * Remove unused expect message
      * Remove outdated comment
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